Hello, below are the instructions from my professor. I have a thesis statement

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below are the instructions from my professor. I have a thesis statement that I had to submit in
class that is also attached below. I have found 4 articles on google Scholar just two more are
Thesis statement: There are significant concerns when it comes to teenage substance abuse today. Between the ages of 13 and 24 years old, there are many deaths such as homicides, accidents, and suicides, to name a few, that involve teen substance abuse. The two typical reasons teens use drugs and turn to these drastic measures are anxiety and depression. Along, factors such as peer pressure, desire to escape, curiosity, emotional struggles, and stress may also lead to the consumption of drugs and alcohol.
Final Exam and Directions for Drugs & Society Spring 2022
Please choose a community and write a 10-12 page research paper on the effects of substance abuse the person, community, and those around him/her/they. Please critically analyze the substance issues and affects upon the user, family and society at large.
You can choose a community, such as Substance Abuse and Incarceration, Substance Abuse and Youth, Substance Abuse and the LGBTQ community, Substance Abuse and Senior Citizens, Substance Abuse and Sex Trafficking, Substance Abuse and the Deaf Community
These are some suggestions, feel free to come up with your own topic but please run it by me before beginning your paper.
This paper should include 5 to 6 references of peer reviewed research, which you can find by googling Google Scholar, APA formatted with a cover sheet. If you need help with APA formatting, please google https://owlpurdue.edu or use the writing center at CWE.

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