INSTRUCTIONS The Signature Assignment (final paper) for Biblical Perspectives is

by | Jul 2, 2022 | Religion and Theology

The Signature Assignment (final paper) for Biblical Perspectives is an 8-9-page paper that addresses the meaning of a biblical text (see the signature assignment details which will be attached for specific instructions and specifications for this assignment). Using the skills gained in the course, develop a paper that combines an understanding of the historical, literary, and contemporary worlds of the text. The text for this assignment is the Old Testament book of Esther. Your paper should address the meaning of the book of Esther related to a biblical understanding of leadership developed throughout your course reading, Bible passage reading, and class discussions (again, see the assignment details located at the top of Moodle for specific instructions).
The paper is meant to demonstrate your own analysis and ability to work with a biblical text and as such need not utilize other resources as in a traditional research paper (if however you do use other resources, you need to cite your sources).
Thesis: The paper must include a clear thesis statement in the form of “The book of Esther is about…”
Body: The body of the paper must demonstrate a recognizable structure that articulates why the thesis is viable. The body of the paper may take the form of a section by section analysis, follow the categories of historical/literary/contemporary worlds, or use any thematic analysis that is most useful.
Conclusion: The conclusion must restate the thesis and the support in summary fashion. A conclusion is also a place for reflection on the implications of Esther for leadership, occupation, or personal life.
Symbol: Throughout this course we have been using one guiding symbol for each week, corresponding to the theme of the week. Based on your study of the book of Esther, develop your own symbol that you feel adequately conveys the message of the book and explain it in a paragraph.

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