1. A large corporation finds that its Information Technology systems across

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A large corporation finds that its Information
Technology systems across all 9 departments are often failing. It is obvious
that new software and hardware need to be installed if the company is not to
suffer financially. A good example is that the company’s internal email system
was HACKED INTO just this week and an emergency reset of the system must be
completed. The IT needs are no surprise. There have been weaknesses showing up
for months because the attitudes of managers are that everything is okay. It is
so bad that the Executive Director of Technology and Innovation suddenly quit
her job just yesterday. She had been arguing for a different approach to
thinking and planning that just didn’t involve being reactive all the time.
Describe FOUR different types of change in this story, EXPLAINING
WHY YOU PICKED THOSE. (350-450 words)
Recently Sunwing Airlines Inc. stranded thousands of
passengers at airports in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America with very
flight delays, mixed or no communication from the airline, and anger from
passengers. Sunwing blamed “a technology data security breach affecting
its third-party provider of passenger handling systems” forcing employees
manually check-in passengers.
a) From what you learned
in class, name 3 KINDS OF CHANGE that Sunwing must
deal with and explain WHY?
b) Which change
model/ models do you think could be used to implement those 3 changes in
the organization and explain why?
(500-600 words)
I will need it DONE until 8PM PDT ( around next 7-8hours)

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