From a case study of a 60 years old Billy with a Parkinson’s disease, who has wo

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From a case study of a 60 years old Billy with a Parkinson’s disease, who has worked with Occupational therapist in the past . Billy wants to maintained his independence therefore reluctant to engage with any support from the local authority. His doctor has now request a referral for a community care as Billy’s condition deteriorate he is now struggling to undertake tasks as before. Billy can’t push himself on his wheelchair as before his speech is impaired. You arranged a home visit. On getting to Billy’s house you noticed his door is not properly close, torn carpet which is not allowing his wheelchair to flow through. His son is living with him who has been stealing from Billy and mismanaging his finance, Billy doesn’t want to involve the police because he is family. You introduced Self-Directed support (SDS) to Billy and
explained the 4 options of the SDS. Billy doesn’t want all the stress and told you to make all arrangements for him
Billy loves his independent and goes out often with his friends (they always come to pick him up). Billy can push himself to his local shop for his morning paper but cant do that as often
now due to his condition. Billy has some support system in the community that do his
support and help him with cleaning of his house. His hospital bed not working anymore and his alert pendant is missing.
1. Critically analyse and reflect on theory to inform and theory to intervene on this case study?
2. How does the theory inform your approach to practice and intervention?
3. What are the ethical issues in this case? how will you navigate these?
4. What are the legal mandate in Scotland you will use to support your intervention for example: Adult support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 how will this support your intervention. critically analyse and evalute this. please add other Scotland Acts as well
5. The goal of this assessment is to introduced Self-directed Support (SDS) to Billy. what is SDS, be analytical here what are the limitation of SDS?
6. What strenght do you show in dealing with this case how do you know this?
7. What is the action plan, the areas for development and why?
Ground your work in a wide range of research please.

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