In this paper, you are going to compare some passages in 1 Corinthians and 1 Tim

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In this paper, you are
going to compare some passages in 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy concerning women. First Corinthians is an undisputed letter by
Paul, and 1 Timothy is a letter that a substantial majority of historians consider
to be pseudonymous. There are many
reasons for doubting that Paul wrote the Pastoral Epistles (i.e., 1 Timothy, 2
Timothy and Titus), but here we will focus on the issue of women.
First, to really
appreciate why scholars find the views of women expressed by the author of the
Pastorals to be incompatible with those of Paul, I want you to read some other passages
pertaining to women in the undisputed letters.
Be sure to read the HSB notes for each passage. Carefully studying these passages pertaining
to women that Paul certainly wrote will prepare you to understand some of the
reasons why most scholars question the authenticity of the Pastorals. These are “preparatory steps,” not answers to
be included in your paper.
– Read 1 Cor 11:1-16. Note
that Paul does not restrict women from speaking, indeed even prophesying in church. For this reason, most critical scholars
consider 14:33b-36, where Paul prohibits women from speaking, to be a later
scribal insertion, while others suggest that these verses only apply to wives.
– Read Rom 16:1-7. Pay
careful attention to how the women are described and the information about them
in the HSB notes. Also observe that several
other women are spoken of in complimentary and affectionate ways in vv. 8-16.
– Finally, read Phil 4:2-3.
Also review what Sumney said about these women (Sumney, 316).
Now you are prepared to
compare some specific passages and answer some questions. As usual, consult the
study notes of the HSB as you read these passages and reference them in your
paper when appropriate.
1) Read Rom 5:12–14, and 1 Tim 2:11–15. Discuss the significant differences pertaining
to women between the two passages.
2) Read 1 Cor 7:7–8, 25–31 and 1 Tim 5:9–14. Discuss the significant differences concerning
widows between the first two passages and the last.
3) Read 1 Cor 7:32–35 and 1 Tim 3:1–13. Discuss the significant differences between
the passages concerning marital status and serving the Lord.
4) Women sometimes talk about “glass ceilings,” unseen and
unspoken limits placed on how high they can rise in the management structure of
organizations (corporations, government, etc.).
Similarly, women experience “stain-glassed ceilings” in many churches
today. In light of what you’ve learned
from doing this paper, including what you
learned from the “preparatory steps,” take a stand on whether it is right
for churches to limit some leadership roles to men only.
Your paper should be
about 1 ½ to 2 pages long typed double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, using the
12 pt. Times New Roman font. Always provide scripture references and/or brief
quotations to support your answers (e.g., Rom 16:1). I expect you to consult the study notes in
the HarperCollins Study Bible and to make reference to at least one useful
point found in them. When you refer to
the study notes use this reference style: (HSB, 1946, 11:4).

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