1.*Below are prompts that you respond to based upon your last name, alphabetical

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are prompts that you respond to based upon your last name, alphabetically.
This structure is used for your initial video post.
1. Choose
two (2) of the four points
and create your initial 3-5 min video response
2. As it
relates to your two reply posts, you can respond to anyone or any
post you choose.
(A-F) (S-Z) – OB helps managers explain, predict, and influence
behavior in the workplace. Identify the types of behavior you are most
interested in explaining, understanding, and predicting in the workplace.
(G-L) (M-R) – Of the four main functions managers fulfill
(planning, organizing, leading, and controlling), which do you think is most
likely to be enhanced by an understanding of organizational behavior? Why?
(M-R) (A-F) – Managers need technical, human, and conceptual
skills in order to succeed. Which of these skills are least likely to be
learned on the job? Explain your position.
(S-Z) (G-L) – Compare the book’s argument that the success of an
organization lies with its people with the argument that every employee is
replaceable and expendable. Which argument do you consider more compelling?
2. . Consider a business that you may want to start. Identify,
obtain and complete the appropriate papers necessary to incorporate your
business as an LLC in the State of Florida. Submit the appropriate completed
documents as an attachment in Word or in a PDF file in order to complete this
assignment to the discussion board. You can screen shot your work, cut and
paste your work or download it into Word to save this as an attachment. (You do
not pay to set up the LLC you are just going through the motions) You can use
the following link for assistance, Division of (Links to an external
site.)Corporations (Links to an external
site.). As for your written portion for your discussion board
you will answer there questions in the body of the discussion board area:
What did you learn in
your research on filing for an LLC? In addition, also discuss filing for
bankruptcy in the state of Florida. What are the basic steps you do to proceed
with a bankruptcy in the state of Florida, give an example and cite your
findings. (250 word)

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